Carnage Heart Exa

Carnage Heart EXA Wiki in 2ch

This wiki is written about Carnage Heart EXA, a latest work of the Carnage Heart series.

Now on Sale!

Release Date : 2010/10/28
Price (jp ver.) : 5880 yen (UMD)/4700 yen (DL)
Price (en ver.) : $29.99 / €24.99 / £19.99 (DL)
Correspondence to Data Install (necessary capacity is 204M.)
Privilege of Reservation : The Melody of Iron(kotetsu no shirabe) ( a CD recorded 40 BGMs)

  • Under Distribution of the Trial Version! (probably, jp ver. only)
In the trial version you can play this game up to the middle of the scenario mode and almost use bodies, equipment, and chips.
If you buy the release version later, you can take over data from the trial version.
Download is from here. Please try playing.

Request about Use of “SATLOKE”

Please input character strings of owner name, team name, and file name as uniquely as possible. Otherwise these will be a cause of confusion.
Moreover, please update your rating score at least once by yourself for increasing the number of times of update if you register your team as team for rating.
You can refer to Rating about its detail, and to help of SATLOKE or Procedure for Participation in Tournament about the detail of how to use SATLOKE.

Tournament Schedule


【PSP】カルネージハートエクサ 35機目 (the main thread)

カルネージハートエクサ避難所2 (the spare of the main thread)

したらば - 大会スレ3 (the thread about tournaments)

カルネージハートエクサ 機体をコメントしてもらうスレ (the thread in order for you to be advised on your OKE)


Which type of OKE are you presently developing?
選択肢 投票
Two-Legged (377)
Multi-Legged (307)
Hover (211)
Vehicle (161)
Flying (161)
We were looked after by Mr. Kujira on CHP. On CHE …
選択肢 投票
He revive (279)
He doesn’t revive (150)
I will take over from his work (79)
When have you begun to play the Carnage Heart series from? (one vote per one person)
選択肢 投票
From the First or EZ (82)
From ZEUS or ZEUS2 (16)
From CHP (53)
From CHE (151)

You are the - th a total of designer. Today - person(s) came here, yesterday - person(s) did so.

Requests of Editing Wiki etc.

If you request editing the Wiki, anyone may edit the Wiki meeting its request.
Please here write comments of the requests.